Nike 2010 Victory Red Str8-fit Tour Drivers

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If it looks good at address who cares. Any suggestions on what type of head you would like to see?

For a player like myself who is not always consistent, the adjustability creates the assurance that I can achieve a fade or draw with the help of the club. Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. Second, what skill level is this club meant for? Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory.

Although I have tried them out and disagree with you on the blades portion of the set. Below average clubs offer a great value for someone who isn't as interested in cosmetics but cares about performance.

So I felt this driver was not only long but forgiving too. It still has a high moment of inertia, but combined with the new compression channel, I can get away with off-center hits toward the bottom of the club face and not lose distance. But I will definitely give this one a shot.

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Be interested if there are different versions of the head. There is no limit on the amount of golf clubs that you can trade in. This golf club has been well used, but not abused. If a course has a predominance of left-to-right holes, open the face for a fade. Condition is evaluated by our knowledgeable staff and the used golf club s is priced accordingly.

The Dymo head cover is hideous. Typical turnaround time is business days. That being said I would say the MachSpeed is geared more toward higher handicappers. Yea I like the looks of this new club.

The sole of the club reveals the red Compression Channel that resides just behind the leading edge of the clubface and continues back to the trailing edge. Highest pricing when you trade or sell. Mint Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. Just really appeals to my eye for some reason, I love the looks of this stick.

This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable. Did he want to continue to chase more distance or did he want a driver that would help him hit more fairways?

From the emails we are getting not many people liking it though. Top view looks fine enough, but I like my clubs to look a bit more simple and sleek.

Product Review Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Driver

Because of the adjustability, a better player can adjust the club to help create a ball flight. The color looks red to me in person. If a particular driver model has a loud or inappropriate sound it can be distracting.

Product Review Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Driver

Hey Jake, I would urge you to try both drivers to see which one you prefer. It definitely looks smaller than the modern day drivers. Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. How are trade values determined? The first swings on the range really gave me a feeling of power in this driver.

Mishit shots that did not contact the center of the face exactly ended up going almost as far as shots that I hit in right the middle of the club face. They are the largest sporting goods comapny in the world. Can I trade in more than one item? The better the condition the higher value given for the item.

Ok, but it still looks cheaply made, yo would expect better from nike. Im a huge nike fan, and almost my entire bag is Nike. Having seen this driver in person, I can tell you that it will be the best driver Nike has made yet! In your testing did you find the Machspeed or Victory Red more forgiving? And lastly, hauppauge wintv nova t driver is there any improvement on the face technology of the club versus the Sasquatch and Sumo drivers?

So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling. The look at address on this one looks fantastic. Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you. Rotating the shaft means that the clubhead is set at an angle in a similar manner to bend the hosel. What starter set would you recommend?

Need help selling or trading your clubs? Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. Could you please provide simple details as to whether the smooth side or textured side is up and if both batteries are installed facing the same direction? Why are there no values for my used golf clubs?

Of course the further out toward the toe or heel I hit the ball, the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the club face I got very good distance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


It will be difficult to determine if it has been used. Shop what you want, when you want.

What I liked about the recently released driver was the look, more conventional, with the head shape and color scheme. These distances were confirmed with the launch monitor I borrowed again from my friend and teacher Jack Carter see launch monitor photos below. Fitting Message Every golfer wants more distance and accuracy. They say the Compression channel makes the sweet spot larger on the face. This looks like a driver for the better player due to the smaller clubhead.

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