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The phone comes in two versions, the yellow that you see here or a bright orange. Has a nice durable strong feel in the hand. Galaxy Fold is a foldable phone with a bendable screen.

Motorola Active W450

Our Galaxy Fold didn't break. The clock resets itself whenever it wants to and the alarm feature is also reset to random times. Please log in to post a review.

Every part of the phone is sealed which should reduce the likelihood of water or dust getting into it. Like the way the hinge moves.

Typically Motorola phones have taken the display options like the backlighting time and the maybe the wallpaper and they kind of stash it all over the place. The menu layout is standard Motorola. One phone has sleek motorola w features and the other has a big battery.

One phone has sleek new features and the other has a big battery. So it's nice that they see it in sort of one display option. Numeric keypad, Motorola w keys.

You can't set the correct time since the phone chooses the time zones for you. Inside the main display it wasn't the best either. The Spirit X Bluetooth headphones from Soundcore are meant to endure your most intense workouts. Colors and graphics didn't look very sharp. The toggle is covered in silver which does make it discernable.

So if you have sort of that active lifestyle, and I hate to say the active phone for the active people but, and you're a T-Mobile customer this might be a good option for you. It's also a nice flagship phone in its own right, finally bringing the Nokia brand back to the high end of the market. It is grey scale so it won't show any colors or graphics. So this is one case where you take that rubber material, lenovo 3000q xp driver put it in the keypad but it just doesn't come out that user friendly.

On the outside I wasn't too impressed with the stand by display. It is composed of plastic on the outside but it actually feels pretty strong.

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Pretty solid construction. Photos didn't look very sharp.

So I think the rubber material is great for giving them durability and certainly making them unique to the touch. That's to match the keypad which is actually bright yellow, we'll see that in a second.

Motorola W Data Cable Memory Keyboards

Some will get it right the first time, while others will be fooled by the misleading graphics during the training process. Facebook Twitter Google plus. Screen could be a bit bigger and may be hard to see in direct light which sorta surprised me as this device is meant for outdoor use but colors are rich and font is clear. Here's what's good and bad. And it looks a lot more expensive than it is, too.

Since we use them on delivery trucks they were a perfect choice for us I suggest Orange trim vs yellow as the numbers on the keypad are white and they don't contrast well on the yellow. When I was trying to dial by feel I kept pressing the wrong thing or I'd press it and it actually didn't press down hard enough.

Battery life is amazing and phone fits well in the hand and to the face. Four of them really stood out. It's accessible here and it's not stashed behind the battery which you see on a lot of flip phones. Inside a couple of the submenus like the settings menu there are fewer options which is nice. Keypad buttons and toggle, they are encased in a rubbery material so they definitely have a unique feeling to the finger but I weren't really impressed with them actually.

It's not real long on features. Up here you'll see the camera lens and here on this side there's a volume rocker. Not the kind of flimsy plastic you might expect on a flip phone.

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Motorola ACTV W450

The phone doesn't have rubber sidings on the side so it's not like one of those Nextel phones that's just encased in this whole armor of rubber. It's black on the outside with white around the edges. If you personalize it placing everything where you want it the phone only resets all this at random times to what it wants them to be.

Click for full glossary page. If you recharge the phone it resets itself back to factory settings. Couldn't get it to work as a view finder for the camera. Too bad there isn't a rating lower than zero. You can't adjust the text size so if you have trouble seeing small text on a phone you definitely want to test this phone out first.