Konica Minolta 131f Twain Driver

Note The steps for choosing a scanner device may vary according to the ap- plication software. To select the paper source for the separator page using the cursor key. The machine will delete all pages from memory and then return to its standby mode. There are so many factors to consider when optimizing for App Store search.

Konica minolta 131f scannerScanning using a computer

Operation Precautions The area around the Fusing Unit is extremely hot. The line may even be blank.


Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Close the side cover and insert the paper cassette. Use of an extension cord could cause a fire or electrical shock. Enter the time in minutes using the numeric keys. Connect an external phone.

In order to reduce the risk of burns, do not touch any area other than those indicated in the manual. Setup Your Machine Do not turn the power on until after you have unlocked the scanner unit. Your machine dials the number. Page Cancel the duplex copy.

Scan the document with your machine. In other words, do not just add sheets to an already-loaded stack. Then return the rod to its original posi- tion. Page Set the page range of the file you want to download.

Home Updates Recent Searches konica minolta f scanner. Descriptions containing konica minolta f scanner. Konica minolta bizhub f scanner driver. There Is no software on the page by Minolta. Firstly, ativa keyboard drivers you should update your outdated or damaged graphics card driver.

Press the one-touch key in which you have stored the number. After you have unlocked the scanner unit, turn the transport mode off. The machine will return to standby mode.

Question How to force to install drivers from cd thats meant for windows xp? Driver Packaging Utility Creates installation packages for printer drivers. Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Reinstall the toner cartridge then turn the cartridge locking lever rightward until it locks into place completely. The department code list will be printed.

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Konica minolta 131f scanner

Cover Page page will be filled in the cover page automatically. This is when we look for a program that will do all this for us. Use the numeric keys to enter the three-digit identifier for the speed- dial number you want to dial. Page Note If you enter incorrect passcode, your machine refuses to print, and secu- rity reception remains on. Turn the toner cartridge locking lever to the leftward unlock position.

Previous Next Sort by votes. Use the numeric keys to enter the date and time use the hour for- mat when your machine should perform the delayed regular polling. Locally-sourced materials to download Some materials are only available to download from the local website.


When it is activated, this feature tells the machine to combine two of these half-page receptions onto a single sheet. To erase a batch box, erase all the documents stored in the box. Text Select this mode when scanning text. This number is used for disabling the I. Page This option allows you to choose the paper type.

Page The user authentication setting as well as the department management is not available for the batch transmission. Settings For Fax Reception You can set how many times your machine will ring before answering a call. Then, holding the toner car- tridge with both hands, gently shake it to distribute the toner evenly in- side the cartridge. Reset Reset the settings to their defaults, or press this key to return to standby mode. It enables you to configure the printer and scanner settings in just a few clicks.

Sending Method In Real time transmission, the next page is not scanned in while the current page is being transmitted. Write down the passcode, and keep it in a safe place.

Activity Journal Your fax machine will print the activity journal automatically after trans- actions. Page Too Many Characters You attempted to enter too many numbers or other characters in the current operation. Select document resolution and contrast for the first page. Specifies authentication settings, address book settings, network settings and nizhub.


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Attempting to repair the machine yourself may void the limited warranty. You can send up to numbers for a broadcast.