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Maybe the power jack is damaged and has to be re-soldered or replaced? Try reconnecting the memory module.

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My acer aspire 5670 orbicam is not working how can i fix it

There is a good chance that cleaning the heat sink will fix your problem. Yes, it is a hardware failure. Takes ages to move a keyframe. Do you have an external keyboard for this laptop? There could be a problem with the hard drive.

My acer aspire 5670 orbicam is not working how can i fix it

Does the laptop still work fine with the external monitor? Yep, that would be the first think to try if your laptop stopped booting. Every ten or so reboots will work and I am able to access Windows and everything else as normal. Yesterday I was surprised to see a small dipression, a centimeter wide, on the panel caused just below the function key.

It sounds like it is running. Have you checked the laptop for viruses and spyware?

Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. The download was very easy to obtain! Is it possibly the motherboard? By the way, if you still have the same issue when the internal keyboard is disconnected from the motherboard, there could be a problem with the keyboard controller on the motherboard.


However, linksys wmp54gs ver 1.1 driver There has been a lot of problems finding the correct driver for the Acer OrbiCam which is fitted to some of the Acer Travelmates! Related Question When ever I try to use my Acer Orbicam it tells me that the camera is in use by another application. Question How to force to install drivers from cd thats meant for windows xp? The driver is basically what allows your computer and web cam to connect to each other.

This will take your laptop back to the original default state and you can start from scratch. Did she drop the laptop with the adapter connected? Test the laptop with each module installed into each slot. Reimaging the hard drive should take everything back to factory defaults. The laptop picture is dim You can just make itout.

Hi, I really think I have a problem. Form my research it seems like the hard drive is dead. It was near the shift key on the right lower side of the keyboard. Sexually explicit or offensive language.

Will any of those fans fit my laptop? The only keyboard that will connect is a usb. Maybe they are too long and when you put them in, one of the screws is touching the motherboard ans shorting something?

Check memory modules, try reseating them. In most cases you can get some faulty keys, but not the whole keyboard. Install your hard drive into the enclosure. Do you see a lot of dust inside? Now I know how to make it work long enough, so I was able to finish the repairs to her laptop and get it back to her.

Try removing one of the memory modules and start the laptop with only one module installed. Release the wireless card antenna cables. By the way, did you find instructions for taking apart the display panel? Pros Nothing wrong with the product! Could be software related problem.

Follow the webcam cable to the connector. So, the laptop keyboard stopped working at all?

My acer starts to boot up but it hits a black screen and it keeps reloading that page. Beijing Acer Information Co. Are you an Acer Computer and Internet Expert? Please submit your review for Acer OrbiCam Logitech.

Works fine with external monitor. You can blow off dust using canned air.

Download the latest version of driver acer orbicam free in English on CCM

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This problem is not related to the hard drive. Carefully separate the top cover from the base assembly. Could be software or hardware related problem. That did not fix the problem.

There is no cable between the drive and motherboard. Run diagnostics test on the hard drive. Is it really possible it has both interfaces? Any help at this point would be much appreciated.

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Hi, I opened up the keyboard and noticed the cables were not loose and installed fine. My computer worked fine, so I am pretty sure the hard drive works. Your keyboard failure is not common. It appears that the panel has melted from inside and I think it due to over heating.

Before I completely strip it down I was wondering if this was something you may have come across before or whether you may have an idea as to what is going on. Does it mean that the new drive will just push right in without the use of any additional cabling? What could be the problem. Try replacing the hard drive. If i keep it on the table everything looks fine and it works normally, but everytime i change its position it stops responding.